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Wired Water Design #11

Isn't this one great?

I have to admit that this design is one of my favorites.

Again, a design in water that would probably have Grandpa turn in his grave!! It looks complicated but actually is quite easy to do, and the look is something out of sci-fi!

What You Will Need

  • Tall cylindrical glass container
  • One sunflower
  • Bear grass
  • Textured-paper wire
  • Flower jewelry

  • This is a fairly easy design to construct, but it has visual complexity. Start off by taking a single mini sunflower. Choose and measure so that it will fit securely into the cylinder vase. You want a flower that approximates the size of the container, but does not exceed it. Cut the flower so that it will just barely be even with the top of the container.

    Surround the flower with coils of bear grass. Also take a small section of paper-covered wire and coil it as well. This entire assembly will go into the cylinder filled with water.

    Next take some additional binding wire, and loop it around the container, even bringing a section above the sunflower.

    The overall effect can be seen on the left. It is visually dynamic and complex. We could stop at this point if we wanted to, but let's play with this a bit more.

    There are a number of products in the field that may be called "flower jewelry." These range from beads on wire, to small imitation gemstones. Let's create some counterbalance to this design and a contrast in color and shape. Weave some flower jewels around the top part of the arrangement. The overall result is something with two different levels of complexity. The flower jewels and the external binding are on the outside of the design. The sunflower, bear grass and the wire form the interior level. All work well together to create a dynamic, visually complex and futuristic floral statement.

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