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Floral Designers are artists, just like folks who paint, take photographs, make sculptures or create graphic art.

We have one thing though that makes our art very unique and extra special.....


Unlike a sculptor who uses wood, or stone or metal or a pictorial artist who has to rely upon such things as oil or watercolor, we enjoy the natural beauty of flowers themselves.

You can't beat the beauty that flowers provide....

In this section of our "Flowers And Kids" part of our website, we have all kinds of materials that relate to the wonderful media of floral products that we use as the raw materials in our art form...

You will find things to download relating to the different shapes that flowers are found in. You will also find materials relating to flower identification...

So here are some resources that you may download...Some do require a few moments so please be patient!......

  • What Are Filler Flowers?
  • What Are Form/Face Flowers?
  • What Are Mass/Face Flowers?
  • What Are Line Flowers?
  • Summary of Shapes of Flowers
  • Name That Flower 1
  • Name That Flower 1 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 2
  • Name That Flower 2 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 3
  • Name That Flower 3 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 4
  • Name That Flower 4 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 5
  • Name That Flower 5 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 6
  • Name That Flower 6 Word Search
  • Name That Flower 7
  • Name That Flower 7 Word Search

  • Here are some online puzzles that you may find fun to play with!

    Alstroemeria Puzzle

    Rose Puzzle

    Sunflower Puzzle

    Lovely Flower Arrangement Puzzle

    Pretty Bouquet Puzzle

    Tropical Vase Arrangement Puzzle

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    Rittners Floral School Garden and Building


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