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  • At Rittners Floral School in Boston we love books!

    Although we also enjoy new technologies and incorporate them into our teaching, we believe that print is still going to be here to stay for a long, long time, and that the future of libraries will be a combination of both print and digital resources....

    In this section we have five different bibliographies providing over one hundred print references, and one bibliography providing web based resources. Plenty of great stuff to explore!

    One bibliography deals with children and nature, offering a wide variety of resources that will help you help you and your kids/students connect with nature in many ways.

    There are two book listings that provide titles about kids and flowers/nature/gardening. One is more appropriate for younger children, the other for older kids. You may find that depending upon your child's reading level and interests some of the books on these lists could be interchanged. Just because it's on the "older kids" list doesn't mean that an advanced youngster can't enjoy it. In other words, these bibliographies are not inscribed in stone!

    Many kids love to play with crafts/projects. Although many of the titles in the bibliographies listed above may include natural crafts we thought it would be fun to provide an additional book listing that deals specifically with nature crafts. Once again use judgement as to what you feel would be appropriate to your child's maturity and interests.

    I have personally found that photography is a wonderful way to reconnect with the natural world. Should you feel comfortable with both the outdoors and photography, this approach may be but another way to help your kids connect with flowers/gardening/nature. For your convenience we have provided a bibliography of sources for nature photography. Most of these books are for kids. A few are listed separately at the end and are listed for the benefit of adults. For adults a mixture of both nuts and bolts "techniques" as well as "perceptual/vision" sources are suggested.

    We make no claim that these lists are all inclusive. Nor do we endorse all of the activities or approaches that are listed. We consider these listings to be a starting point as you explore nature and flowers with the kids that are important in your life.

    If you find additional resources that you may feel are appropriate for these bibliographies, do feel free to contact us (email: so that we may include them in future versions.

    In the meantime.... Enjoy!!

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