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Welcome to Rittners Floral School. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Rittners Floral School is one of the longest running programs of its kind in North America. Family owned and operating as a floral educational center for seventy years with the third generation of Rittners still actively involved operating and teaching in our school....Around long enough to have the background, experience and resources to do what we do extremely well, yet still quite dynamic in our teaching styles, floral art styles and approach.

We are a real floral design school, not a flower shop running classes out of a back room or basement, a part time program in a retail or wholesale location or a designer running from one city to another to run temporary "schools." In other words, we are the real thing... An actual school of floral designing where teaching is our primary business.

Our staff includes a Doctorate in Education and our courses have been designed to give you amazing value.

We believe that a floral school must have more than work benches and a pretty display of flowers. We know our priorities. It is in teaching floral art to our students not in offering the occasional class, in-between filling holiday orders or as a hobby. Your staff gives you the full attention that you deserve, rather than constantly worrying about filling an order for the "Smiths."

At Rittners we know that our business is to teach you floral designing. Unlike a retail or wholesale floral outlet, we are not here to sell you flowers, containers or other products. We are here to teach you an amazing art form and to provide you with a fun and memorable educational experience.

Our Courses are based on live demonstrations followed by hands-on workshop designing. Our school also routinely uses multimedia approaches and the latest technologies to enhance your learning experience.

Any Floral School is expected to have good floral designers on staff...... But when you are learning floral designing, you want and deserve more than a floral designer who likes to pose, and show off what a great "artiste" s/he is..... You deserve great teaching and a pleasant atmosphere......

Why Rittners? Our school attracts folks from all over the country and from overseas as well. Quite simply, we are the finest program of our kind in the United States....for a number of reasons.......


A Passion To Teach... To Provide Amazing Floral Art Educational Experiences....For Us It Isn't a Side Line or Extra... It's a Calling.. It's a Passion....

Perhaps you are seeking a new career. Or maybe you are looking for a new direction in your life. Maybe you are currently doing something, but would like a nice way to supplement your income in a new and different way.

Or you simply may be looking for an outlet to relax, reduce stress, enhance creativity & have a great time....

You want the best quality program in our field with the least amount of hassle.

You have come to the right place. That is exactly what we offer. We understand your needs and we are here to provide you with an amazing educational experience that will teach you what you need to know, and in a really fun and enjoyable way!

What you don't want or need are complicated or confusing listings of classes designed to make you come back for more and more floral designing courses. At Rittners, our entire philosophy is geared to presenting complete floral programs in differing time frames to meet a diversity of scheduling needs. Our goal is to present an amazing course that will be something you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life....

Great Teaching.....Without An Attitude

At Rittners, we take pride in the fact that our school is known for outstanding teaching....... done in a friendly and pleasant way!

To our knowledge we are the only private floral design school in North America with a staff that includes a Doctorate in Education on staff, actively involved in the everyday teaching...... Our courses were developed by floral designers who were also teachers with degrees in teaching--Not just by well meaning florists.

Clear and well presented teaching, means that learning floral art is so much easier and much more fun!!! No big egos....No artistic temperment in our staff.....None of that nonsense here! At Rittners we are pleasant. We love to teach and we have the instructional skills to back it up and benefit you!!

At Rittners teaching is not an extra chore or a sideline. At Rittners we have fun teaching, and that means that you will find our presentations not only educational but entertaining! We want you to really have a great time.

At Rittners we feel that you deserve a stable full-time staff who will really get to know you, your designing strengths, weaknesses and concerns, and who will give you the kind of individualized attention that you deserve. (Not a random assortment of "part-timers.")

And at Rittners the owner of the school is not a figure head who shows up only once in a while. The owner is actively teaching in every course that we offer---That makes a big difference in providing you the kind of quality that you deserve.

A Specialized Facility For Instruction.....Not a Spare Room Somewhere!!

At Rittners you will find an actual school of floral designing, not a part time program run out of a borrowed area, or a back room or spare room of a flower shop or wholesale outlet.

You benefit from a facility designed for floral design instruction. We feel that in the 21st Century, work benches and pretty displays of flowers alone are not enough to make a floral school outstanding.

Our school includes state-of-the-art audiovisual resources. Our specialized library of over 4000 floral art books, floral industry resource file of over 1000 subjects, computer network and many other resources make your learning even more effective and pleasant.

Our facility is a permanent one--A REAL full time dedicated space for floral instruction. Not a borrowed area in some other kind of business. We are constantly improving our facility and resources. You would expect great facilities in an elementary or secondary school for your kids......You should demand it in your own floral training center!



A Terrific Location--Easy to Reach In One of The Nicest Parts of Boston

The Rittners School of Floral Design is located in one of the nicest residential neighborhoods in the heart of Boston. The area in which we are located consists of gas street lights, brick sidewalks, & some of the best preserved examples of 19th century architecture in America.

Lovely townhouses, many of them converted into luxury condominiums, in an area noted for its concern with historic preservation, contribute to a lovely environment for our students.

Our students have found that the charm & appeal of our facility definitely contributes to their enjoyment of our courses.

When you attend Rittners you are not in an industrial or commercial area. You are in an area of prestigious homes. Students from out of town find that our elegant setting in historic Boston is a definite asset.

Yes we are centrally located....and easily reached by public transportation. There is a large parking garage within a few blocks of the school, and on-street parking for Day Students.

When you come to Rittners you don't have to worry about trying to find a school that is hidden in a remote hard to find suburb or an industrial location. We are proud to be in one of the most prestigious residential areas of Boston!

You May Take Home Every Floral Design You Make

Our diploma programs are hands-on courses, where we provide you with all of the flowers, containers, supplies and materials to stylize your designs. Not every floral training is as generous with flowers, supplies and materials as we are. At Rittners Floral School you will take home every floral design that you make. Not just a few flowers at the end of the session.

We feel that your time is better spent making floral art......Not recycling materials over and over. Besides which, we feel that they are your designs.....and should be taken home to be admired by your family and friends.

We believe that you are entitled to value, and taking home every design you make is one way to give you that value.



"It's a School, But It Doesn't Feel Like a School... It's Actually Fun!"

That comment is typical of those made by our students and graduates.

It takes a lot of skill as an educator to create an environment where a great deal of learning takes place...... Yet do it in such a way that it doesn't feel like an arduous and unpleasant process.

At Rittners Floral School we definitely have the teaching knowledge, the floral art knowledge, the facilities and the desire to make your experience not only academically sound... but also FUN!

At Rittners we work hard so that you will have fun!!!!!





Strong Back Up And Support Systems

At Rittners, you benefit from strong support systems........ We are delighted when our students do well........And we provide all kinds of backup assistance......

We offer unique interest free pay-as-you-go payment plans for many of our programs.

Graduates of our courses enjoy a wide range of support systems ranging from our telephone hotline, to our aggressive placement assistance office, to discounts from various vendors for those who attend Rittners.

Graduates with any course related question are welcome to phone us for advice and counseling. We love it when our grads are in touch with us.

We are constantly posting lots of videos, photographs and resources online for the benefit of our graduates.

While we cannot and do not make any guarantees of placement, we work very hard to assist graduates seeking employment in their job search...

Our graduates are not just customers....They are our friends..........

We are constantly seeking new and better ways to help our students. You may not use all of the support services that our school offers, but wouldn't you prefer to go to the kind of school that thinks enough of its graduates to offer these things??


Programs For Your Own Group

In addition to our regularly scheduled diploma/Certificate programs we also are quite willing to do specialized programs for social and professional groups, for team building and social purposes.

We can create a floral event for you that will give your friends/colleagues/family, wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Make your arrangements with us!

Contact us for more information. (617-267-3824)




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