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Most of our graduates are thrilled that we are very generous in terms of sharing information....

The typical kind of comment made by folks who come to Rittners... " I am amazed at how much I learned...."

At Rittners Floral School, we provide complete programs in floral art... Not a la carte classes that are designed to make you come back for more and more design courses...(eg. once you finish the floral course you have to keep returning for "advanced" courses, courses in how to make something large, courses in how to do something contemporary, etc...)

At Rittners we start simply but include intermediate and advanced skills in most of our courses. Simply stated, what makes our school unique, is that we aim to exceed your expectations...

In that spirit of generosity, here are some very neat resources for your enjoyment even before you take a course with us...available to you... FREE!

(I don't know about you, but that is the kind of school that I would want to go to...)



Free E-Books From Rittners Floral School....

Books are a form of "gallery" or "album" intended to display works of art... .This is true whether it is a book in print media or in digital form...

At any rate, here are some E-Books we have produced. They are free and fall into the spirit of "galleries" or "albums" Enjoy!!


Rittners Floral School Albums of Floral Design Photographs:

In this section of of our web site, you will find a number of different "albums" or "galleries" of floral art. Many are created by our staff. A few are created by both Rittners Floral School staff and students. Several galleries are simply glorious flowers we have enjoyed... Some of these albums document floral shows we've enjoyed.

These albums/galleries listed below are all on our school facebook page.

So it is helpful if you can access facebook. Collectively these albums total over 5000 photographs! (Wow. I get tired just thinking of that...That's a lot of floral designing, never mind a lot of photographs!) (So what does Dr. Steve do in his spare time?)

Simply click on the links below. When you get to the facebook photo page you will find thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail at the upper left side and then after it opens click on the arrows to look at the various photos. Or simply click whatever thumbnail you'd like to see larger...

Incidentally it would be to your advantage to "like" our facebook page. We are constantly adding free resources-photos, video demonstrations and more to that page, and it would make you a Rittner Floral School "insider."

We hope you enjoy these albums, and you will see why many people say.....

"If you really want to learn floral designing, go to Rittners Floral School, in Boston."



The Albums:


THE BIG KAHUNA-------This link will lead you directly to our facebook page... (It will be much easier to access if you are already in facebook, or log in)

On that page you will see a horizontal listing that says....Timeline, About, Photos, Reviews. Click on "Photos"... From there click on the horizontal box that says "Albums."

There are over 125 Albums containing over 5000 really neat photographs..... You can scroll through that page and examine and visit the albums there... Or you can scroll down below to examine and visit individual photo albums with all those neat photographs... Whichever way you choose to check these free resources, we hope you enjoy your explorations as much as we did creating this for you! And remember... " If you really want to learn floral designing... Go to Rittners Floral School"



Fun With Peonies-------Peonies are a wonderful flower. They are large showy and make a great display. The amazing peonies used in the various arrangements here are American grown from Alaska Perfect Peony! (152 Photos)

Amazing Rainbow Sneaker Florals------- LGBT Pride Month in June. Amazing Converse Rainbow Pride Sneakers contribute to very funky floral art....(16 Photos)

Books In Bloom------- Very cool exhibit of flowers at Brookline Public Library where floral art is used to complement books. A very neat evolution from the "Art In Bloom" concept.. Check it out! (15 Photos)

Art in Bloom 2016------- A wonderful display of floral designing by many New England floral designers to complement other visual art products at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. This yearly show was the first of its kind in North America, and is widely imitated by many other art museums. Both Inspirational and fun! (63 Photos)

Apple Blossoms-------We love flowers and flowering branches. Here are some lovely apple blossoms from Carlson Orchards (17 Photos)

Five Finger Vase Designs------- How do you control floral media, and assure a water supply as well? This is a basic floral art issue. One solution, have a container that can do both. These containers, inexpensive and fun, can be used for all kinds of floral art. (107 Photos)

Kouvouklion/Epitaphio------- Amazing structure decorated with flowers by Rittners Graduate and Staff member Sherry for Greek Orthodox Easter. (15 Photos)

Boston Strong------- Floral designs honoring Boston's community spirit and the Boston Marathon. (8 Photos)

Fun With Roses------- Celebrate one of the most beloved flowers, revered and enjoyed throughout history in many cultures....(50 Photos)

Flower Purses-------An assortment of inspirational flower purses from Rittners Floral School. (44 Photos)

More Easter-------Easter Floral Art (8 Photos)

We Love St Pats Day-------A major flower holiday here in Boston, but also a wonderful way to showcase how you can come up with some really funky floral designs with color and symbolism...(31 Photos)

We Love Succulents at Rittners Floral School-------Very cool botanicals that can be easily adapted for all kinds of floral art....(28 Photos)

Cool Twig Containers-------Containers are the starting place for many floral designs. In this album we feature some very nice twig containers... Enjoy! (39 Photos)

Cute Valentine Mug Arrangements-------Containers are the starting place for many floral designs. In this album we feature some very nice twig containers... Enjoy! (5 Photos)

Heart Container Designs-------The heart is a major motif for Valentine's Day. In this album we feature a variety of floral designs based on a container in the heart shape. (229 Photos)

Valentine Vase Arrangements in Wave Containers-------Very cool containers with a "wave" texture. Here are an assortment of arrangements using these vases for Valentine themed designs. (49 Photos)

Superbowl-------A beloved sports event and a great excuse for a party! Vase arrangements made in a football container. Way cool! (30 Photos)

Winter is Here-------Winter themed vase arranging (3 Photos)

Not Quite Willing To End Christmas-------Amazing Floral Design with a Christmas theme. (3 Photos)

We Love Holly at Rittners Floral School-------Well we do. It may be prickly but wow it looks neat. Holiday Flower Arranging Fun! Enjoy! (33 Photos)

Amazing Wave Floral Containers, Designing For Christmas-------Very cool containers with a "wave" texture. The designing is themed for Christmas. Definitely check this one out...Did you find the Spout Stalks?(Perhaps not for the faint of heart....) Definitely worth viewing. (49 Photos)

Happy Chanukah-------Amazing assortment of vase arrangements with a Chanukah theme. Styles range from classical to contemporary.. (59 Photos)

Cool Designs With SMR Stephanotis-------Amazing Stephanotis from one of the finest stephanotis farms in the West. Very neat applications in floral art....(27 Photos)

We Love Cornucopias-------Fall/Thanksgiving Cornucopias or Horns of Plenty from Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA. ....(72 Photos)

Fall Minimalist Designs-------Fall Vase Arrangements with a definitely minimalist approach. Not for conservative floral tastes. (10 Photos)

Solidarity With The French People------In the shadow of terrorist actions in France. (84 Photos)

Halloween Pumpkins Using Oasis Standing Spheres------Very Cool Novelty Floral Designing. (112 Photos)

Boo-Quets For the Young and the Young At Heart------Very Cool Novelty Floral Designing. (19 Photos)

What The Well Dressed Dog Is Wearing This Year------Flowers of Course!!!! (12 Photos)

Day of The Dead, Dia De Muertos, Dia de los Muertos------Day of The Dead Flowers (25 Photos)

Happy Halloween------Floral Art for this amazing holiday! (25 Photos)

Halloween Mugs Vol 1 ------Mugs with a Halloween Theme (161 Photos)

Halloween Mugs Vol 2 -----More Mugs with a Halloween Theme (121 Photos)

A Piece of Floral Art to promote LGBT Rights-----Very cool Arrangement (3 Photos)

The Great Botanicals of Fall-----A lovely assortment of flower arrangements using botanicals available during the fall that are not considered mainstream. (57 Photos)

Beyond The Bud Vase-----Bud vases are wonderful little floral designs useful at work stations, kitchenettes and in restaurants. But sometimes more can be better. These are arrrangements featuring multiple bud vases. (16 Photos)

Sunflowers-----One of my favorite flowers. OK. I know. I am well known for loving every flower and each one is "one of my favorites." But I mean it with this one. It is one of the most sunny and optimistic flowers out there. Sunflowers just help people feel great! (54 Photos)

Hokusai------Hokusai was one of the most famous Japanese artists of all time. His character studies are amazing, as are his drawings of flowers. These are a few pictures I took at a MFA exhibition. (10 Photos)

Fun With July 4th Flowers------Celebrate the birthday of our country with floral art. Here are a huge range of floral designs featuring patriotic motifs. Could also be used for Vets Day, and Memorial Day floral art. (98 Photos)

Teapots------Anything that can hold water or foam can be used as a base/container for floral designing. I have to admit that being from Boston (and having Canadian and British relatives) I am somewhat partial to teapots. Here is a neat photo album featuring lots of teapot floral designs. (74 Photos)

Art in Bloom 2015------- Art in Bloom, mixing amazing floral design interpretations and enhancements of other visual media started here in Boston at our Museum of Fine Arts and has spread to museums all over the country. This is a sampling of some of the wonderful designing created by pros and garden clubs that was on view at Boston's amazing Museum of Fine Arts. Both Inspirational and fun! (75 Photos)

Happy Easter------Easter is a pretty neat holiday combining the seriousness of the Resurrection with the joy and whimsy of spring. Celebrate your Easter with some of these really neat florals from Rittners School of Floral Design. (22 Photos)

Bunny in A Basket------Flower Novelty Arrangements are the crowd pleasers. These are the designs that make people smile. Enjoy these cute and fun Bunny/Easter Novelties! (7 Photos)

Lovely Gardenias------Gardenias are amazing flowers with a distinctive fragrance. Most folks consider them as flowers to wear, or perhaps for bridal bouquet use. In this album we show some interesting vase arrangement ideas featuring these wonderful flowers from SMR (30 Photos)

Designs on Bottles------Yes you can even decorate your wine (and other bottles) with flowers. Easy when you learn how at Rittners Floral School. (32 Photos)

Boston Flower And Garden Show 2015------Thousands of folks from all over the region enjoy this show every year. Here are a few of our favorite designs.... (41 Photos)

Happy St Patrick's Day-----One of my favorite holidays...This has become a community wide celebration where all ethnic and religious groups in Boston join with their Irish friends to celebrate.....And who said floral art for that holiday has to be conservative or traditional?.... (33 Photos)

Lisianthus, Anemones and More-----It's springtime at Rittners Floral School. But we can use botanicals that go beyond the standard iris or daffodils. Here is a neat album featuring such items as lisianthus and anemones. Enjoy! (30 Photos)

Fun With Lisianthus-----Lisianthus are such a neat flower. Here are some vase arrangement featuring their use. (42 Photos)

More Football Themed Arrangements-----Such talented people here and these designs are so much fun to make! (10 Photos)

Superbowl Vase Arrangements-----Let The Game Begin!!!! Wonderful superbowl floral art to inspire your celebration before, during and after the game! (36 Photos)

What Do You Do With The Leftover Boughs?-----So you are using those evergreen boughs at Christmas time. What do you do with the leftovers? Here is an interesting alternative to breaking them up and trashing them… Use them for kinky floral art effects! (5 Photos)

Merry Christmas From Rittners Floral School-----Students in one of our classes want to wish you a very happy holiday. (15 Photos)

The Chanukah Album-----Chanukah is not the Jewish Christmas. It is a unique holiday that is fun to celebrate with botanicals using very specific colors and symbolic motifs. (29 Photos)

Amazing Christmas/Winter Containers-----Plaid, Argyle and Winter Sweater Containers from Jacobson Floral Supply…...Very fun and cool containers, inspires lots of possibilities. (55 Photos)

Fun With Fall Florals-----All kinds of materials become available in the fall, and not always traditional botanical choices. (64 Photos)

Halloween Fun At Rittners Floral School-----The ultimate compliment from our students... "Rittners is a school... but it doesn't feel like a school... It actually is fun!" OK. I can live with that! (28 Photos)

Party!-----At Rittners we love a party, and this album features very neat floral designing created in a tall trumpet container, using deco beads and alcolytes...(4 Photos)

Michelle's Dragon----VERY AMAZING.. You gotta see it to believe it.... Check it out! (3 Photos)

NEWIRE FLOWER EVENT----A fun with flowers class for a dynamic and fun womans group. Would you like us to host a similar event for a group of your friends or relatives? Call Dr Steve at 617-67-3824. (3 Photos)

The Glorious Flowers Of Summer----A variety of amazing Floral Art created with summer materials. (53 Photos)

Inspired by Van Gogh----Van Gogh was inspired by flowers to create some of his paintings. So It's ironic and appropriate that we were inspired by some of Van Gogh's paintings to create these florals... Enjoy! (41 Photos)

Happy Canada Day----Falls on July 1st. It is the Canadian version of July 4th. Say "Happy Birthday Canada" with some very unique and fun arrangements for that occasion.. Eh? (79 Photos)

Fun With Flowers----Here is an example of one of a huge number of Fun With Flowers Classes that we offer thoroughout the year. These are single session classes for the hobbyist or enthusiast. Have a group of friends or family and want to have a great time? Call us at 617-267-3824. We can arrange one of these for your group. (8 Photos)

Some of Our Favorite Floral Art----We are constantly designing florals not only for creative growth but also for teaching purposes. Here are some of our recent favorite floral designs. (25 Photos)

More of Our Favorite Floral Art----We are constantly designing florals not only for creative growth but also for teaching purposes. Here are some more of our recent favorite floral designs. (25 Photos)

Fun Floral Designing in Shoes----Who says we have to always have to use conventional containers? Here are some quick, easy and fun floral designing in shoes/boots! Enjoy! (56 Photos)

Art in Bloom 2014----Art in Bloom, mixing amazing floral design interpretations and enhancements of other visual media started here in Boston at our Museum of Fine Arts and has spread to museums all over the country. This is a sampling of some of the wonderful designing created by pros and garden clubs that was on view. Lovely floral art coupled with wonderful art. It doesn't get any better than this! (42 Photos)

Easter Displays----Amazing, Beautiful and fun. Floral art for Easter that begs to be seen and enjoyed . (23 Photos)

Passover Fun With Flowers----Passover is an important Jewish Holiday. It is also a great time to showcase your floral art skills as friends and families assemble for the Passover Seder. Find new and interesting uses for Matzah in many of these floral offerings. (22 Photos)

Fun With Florabox----The box is also the container! What fun! What a neat product!! (20 Photos)

Tribute to Backbay Figherfighters at Ladder13/Engine 33---We are always touched at how florals often express things in a language all their own. Here are some of the tributes outside our local fire station and a moving poster from nearby Boston Architectural College (13 Photos)

Small Arrangements Using Tropical Flowers---People often think that tropical floral designs have to be huge or expensive. In this exercise we see how tropicals can be used to create more modest arrangements that are nonetheless quite attractive --yet more affordable.... This photo album accompanies our Youtube video about designing small arrangements using tropicals. (30 Photos)

Fun With Elegant Bouquet Holders---People often think that tropical floral designs have to be huge or expensive. In this exercise we see how tropicals can be used to create more modest arrangements that are nonetheless quite attractive --yet more affordable.... This photo album accompanies our Youtube video about designing small arrangements using tropicals. (26 Photos)

Rectuangular Arrangement and Column Design---For some of our students who were asking about what would happen if we filled in the gap on an informal linear parallel arrangement. Here are several examples of a rectangular arrangement, and just for fun several column designs. Enjoy! (4 Photos)

Secret Weapons For Winter Floral Designing---Some very neat flower arrangements that will be sure to make your winter a lot more pleasant. (42 Photos)

Floral Fun For Superbowl---More great floral designs for the football enthusiast. (17 Photos)

Pretty Flowers From Sammi---Sammi recently took our Evening Class. Now working in a busy flower shop, she shared a few lovely creations. (3 Photos)

Christmas Fun With Holly---We love holly. We wish it was acceptable to use it throughout the year, and not just for Christmas/winter designing. (20 Photos)

Fun With Eucalyptus---It's amazing how one kind of material can really create strong visual impact in a floral piece. Here are a number of designs based on the use of Eucalyptus. And it smells so good! Enjoy (11 Photos)

Small Winter Designs---Trans seasonal designs are always fun. Here are some small basket designs that could be used in Dec and for Christmas, but could also be quite appropriate for Jan and Feb use as well. Well done!. (12 Photos)

Funky Christmas--Some Funky Christmas Designing. (4 Photos)

St Lucias Day Crown---St Lucia or St Lucy's Day is celebrated on Dec. 13th. It celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and commemorates St Lucia's activities bringing food to persecuted Christians in the Roman Catacombs. (2 Photos)

Lovely Christmas Designs---Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It is one of my favorites because there is so much you can do from a floral art point of view. And even better, as a floral designer we consider it a month long holiday! (36 Photos)

Fall Fun With SMR Stephanotis---Amazing Stephanotis from the great folks at SMR in California... Wonderful product to work with, and some of the nicest people in the floral field! (49 Photos)

Thanksgivukkah Floral Art---Ok This was a strange one, and it doesn't happen very often. The convergence of Thanksgiving and Chanukah a few years ago leads to some very unusual floral art. I understand it will happen again in about 70,000 years. Check out this album now to be prepared. (66 Photos)

Great Botanicals of Fall---All kinds of really cool things to play with.... Check it out! (56 Photos)

Celebrate---The Red Sox... Way to go Anne. (2 Photos)

Congratulations. Red Sox World Series Champions---Wow! World Series Championship...Home Game Win In our Back Yard.....And a Little Street Photography..... It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! Nope. Not gonna take this one down... EVER! (10 Photos)

Monster Mash--Flower Style--A Collection of Flower Creatures and Monsters for all your favorite boys and ghouls... from Rittners Floral School (31 Photos)

Ceramic Watering Can Designs---What a great container for all kinds of arrangements....
Some very talented people in that class....."If you really want to learn floral designing... Go to Rittners Floral School!" (57 Photos)

Wired Water Designs---Looking for a futuristic alternative to the bud vase? Think of using some of the wonderful wire products available to enhance a few flowers in a container. Many of these wires used are available from the great folks at Oasis. (56 Photos)

Fun With Supermoss Containersi---Very cool containers with a moss finish to them. Check them out. I think you will find them fun, funky and inspirational. (27 Photos)

Quick and Easy Floral Designs for Independence Day---Florals can help you with your celebration of our nation's birthday (64 Photos)

Happy July 4th From Rittners Floral School---More great floral art to help you celebrate July 4th. Note: These could also be used for Memorial Day and Veterans Day. (78 Photos)

More Great Flowers of Late Spring---Every season has unique holidays and unique botanicals. These give us unlimited possibilities as floral designers. In particular check out the Eremurus! (46 Photos)

Rainbow over The Prudential Center---Our Floral School is located in the heart of Boston. Here is a lovely rainbow! (6 Photos)

The Great Flowers of Late Spring-- Beautiful floral designs reflecting botanicals available in late spring. (52 Photos)

Playing With White Hydrangea--Mostly White Hydrangea, with a few additional materials like Hypericum Berries, Bells of Ireland, Roses, Curly Willow, and some foliages. The whole idea is to show how you can come up with a diverse range of things --- using just a few items! We hope you enjoy! (52 Photos)

Fun Floral Topiary---Floral Topiaries are hot right now. Check this out and see why! (20 Photos)

An Interesting Lesson---Notice that these designs are quite similar. The choice of flowers, colors, containers and mechanics vary-- making them seem on the surface to be different......You can use tricks like this in your designing to create many wonderful variations..... (7 Photos)

Our Books Don't Bite--- Dr Steve and family visited Universal down in Florida. We noticed with interest an animated book from one of the Harry Potter series that may bite if not properly handled. At Rittners we have a Floral School library of over 4700 books relating to floral art and allied subjects.. Thankfully none of them bite! (9 Photos)

Floralbox---A wonderful tool... A container and a box--all in one! (33 Photos)

Happy Easter Everyone----Bunnys and Eggs and Spring... OH MY!!! (51 Photos)

Happy Passover---Amazing, Amazing, Amazing... New ways to use that leftover Matzah! (44 Photos)

Bells of Ireland for St Patricks Day Flowers---Just Because it is a traditional holiday doesn't mean we can't do some pretty funky things! Bells of Ireland can certainly allow some pretty interesting effects. Enjoy from all of us at Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA. (43 Photos)

Fun With Flowers--We love running one session "fun with flowers" classes for various themes and at various times of the year for different groups. Want one for your group of friends? Family? Colleagues? Call us at 617-267-3824 to schedule. (14 Photos)

Rittners Floral School Gallery of Floral Hearts---An amazing gallery of floral heart designs for the romantic and non romantic! Sheer floral fun!!!! (110 Photos)

Superbowl Floral Designing---Celebrate Superbowl! No matter what team you like, you will love decorating your home with any of these wonderful floral pieces (207 Photos--Yes you did read that right! )

Simple Glad Vase Arrangements---This is a companion album to our video "Simple Glad Designs" It contains more easy to make glad florals. The concept is to use glads for things going beyond Sympathy expressions. (18 Photos)

Let's Give The Consumer a Great Hand! ---Diane has created a great example of what we call "pesonalization in floral art" where we find a person's interests and incorporate that into florals.. (2 Photos)

Melanie Recent Wedding---Rittner Grad Melanie shared these photos of a recent wedding that she did... Great Job!! (5 Photos)

HI Victoria---Nice Designing by Rittner student/grad Victoria. (3 Photos)

Happy New Year---The clock as a symbol for The New Year Holiday, and how to integrate it with floral art! (10 Photos)

Quick and Easy Florals Using Christmas Tree Netting---Yes. Believe it or not. Definitely worth checking out. You will never look at Christmas tree netting the same way again. (15 Photos)

Winter Holiday Vase Arrangements Featuring Kochia--This very neat botanical with a slivery hue will totally change your floral art. Definitely worth checking this out. (11 Photos)

Cornucopia for The Winter Holidays---We normally associate Cornucopia with Thanksgiving. But why not think outside of the box and consider some uses for this neat container for other times of the year and other occasions? (7 Photos)

Tabletop Christmas Trees---But another neat genre of floral art for the Christmas Holiday Season. Enjoy. (23 Photos)

Cute Christmas Baskets---Just because a container is small doesn't mean that you can't do some pretty neat things in it. (66 Photos)

Some Christmas Explorations---Using Kochia, Dogwood and Lisianthus. Holiday fun! (20 Photos)

Floral Turkeys---Very neat wicker floral novelty containers. (19 Photos)

Late Fall and Early Winter Floral Art---Yes. Believe it or not. Definitely worth checking out. You will never look at Christmas tree netting the same way again. (57 Photos)

Cornucopia---Cornucopia Rock! (7 Photos)

Fun With Rose Hips---Great flower arrangements with Rose Hips. (8 Photos)

Ana's Amazing Arrangement---Thanks Ana (2 Photos)

The Great Flowers of July---Very Pretty Summer Floral Designs. Lots of Berries, (14 Photos)

Berries And Sunflowers---You will be amazed at how you can combine small berries with the much larger sunflowers for some pretty spectacular floral art results. (10 Photos)

The Great Flowers of June---Summer heats up with these amazing floral pieces. Check them out! (18 Photos)

A Walk Down Marlborough St---When I want to see beautiful flowers, all I have to do is simply walk down the street where our school is located! We have some absolutely gorgeous botanical specimens to admire simply by walking and looking! (70 Photos)

May Fun At Rittners Floral School ------- A melange of allium, spirea, and other wonderful florals available in May.... (44 Photos)

Floral Cup And Saucer Designs ------- Not all floral art has to be large. Some of the most fun comes in small packages... (36 Photos)

Fun With Lilacs, Viburnum And Israeli Florals ------- The Spring offers wonderful materials like lilacs to play with. Let's mix them with some wonderful florals imported from Israel (34 Photos)

Our Floral Tribute to Steve Jobs ------- The guy knew how to make great computers and great phones...We love our Apple products at Rittners Floral School. Here's to you Steve! (4 Photos)

Rittners Floral School Gallery of Turkeys ------- Not even one politician was harmed in the making of this album... (125 Photos)

Halloween Pumpkins ------- Jack O'Lanterns of the world unite! (112 Photos)

Beautiful Flowers From Maine... ------- Sometimes you have to just sit back and admire the media we work in... lovely florals... In this case from Maine.... (41 Photos)

WAFA Show ------- These are some photos I took at the WAFA show in Boston. Pretty stuff.... (41 Photos)

Fun With Flowers From Israel ------- Many people aren't aware that Israel is a major source of flowers...(15 Photos)

Flower Show at Macys, NYC ------- Pretty flowers at an annual event at Macys. (34 Photos)

Some Great Israeli Floral Materials -------rom a neglected wasteland into a major producer of flowers.......Floral Materials from Israel. (8 Photos)

Superbowl XLV ------- Some Superbowl designs. (6 Photos)

Our Garden ------- Small but mighty. Compliments to Pam. (5 Photos)


Here are Some Additional Resources That We Thought You May Find of Interest...


Before we started to place albums/galleries on facebook, we were also putting specialized galleries on our web page... Here are links to some of these......

Gallery 3--New Gallery--Having Fun With SMR Stephanotis and Gardenias

Gallery 2-- More Wonderful Things To Make With SMR Stephanotis and Gardenias

Gallery 1--- Rittner Students Really Enjoy Playing With Some Great Stephanotis from SMR Stephanotis!

Fun With Spring Flowers

Fun With Flowers From Israel!

Breaking Boundaries With Ornamental Berries from Blooming of Beloit!

Here are also two galleries of pretty florals from Rittners Floral School that were part of our celebration of Floral Design Day (Feb 28th) a holiday to celebrate floral design as an art form. Please enjoy!


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Many People love Pinterest.. If you are one of them you will find THOUSANDS of our floral resources neatly arranged into over fifty boards at that neat site...


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