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Novelty Purse Container Arrangement

Whenever we think of a starting point for any vase arrangement, it just has to be with the container or vase that is being used.

There are many decisions that have to be made concerning the base. Will it be classical? Will it be more 21st Century and way out? Will it be one of the clear vases that have been enjoying such great rewnewed interest and popularity? And what kind of finish and/or color will the base have?

The choice of base will have a major impact upon the style of the design to go inside of it. Obviously a more "romantic vase " is more likely to exhibit a different look than say a "high tech" kind of base.

We also must consider the economics of the base. Will it be a very costly container, or perhaps something that is more of a utility kind of base?

Will the value of the design be invested more in the base, more in the flowers, or distributed equally in both?

Will it be plastic, ceramic, glass, metal or wicker?

Will it hold water, or does it need a liner of some sort?

Bet you never quite looked at a base having so many variables linked to it!

The container in this particular design is a novelty one. Namely a kind of oddball base that has a quirky personality all of its own. I don't know about you, but I like to visit both my wholesale suppliers as well as various craft, decorative arts and home furnishing stores frequently keeping my eyes open for new and different containers. I consider these visits almost like treasure hunts. You never know what kind of bases you may find, but occasionally you stumble upon just the right thing!

This novelty container is a good case in point. Many designers like to design on a purse or in a purse. Usually these are arrangements that women may carry at proms, at weddings or just to go out on that special night on the town! But they incorporate real purses. That kind of design is something to be carried, if you will, a specialized form of body flowers!

In this arrangement, we have a ceramic base that is shaped like a purse. It enables us to make a "purse-like" design, but quickly and easily, and in a form that can be displayed on a table or sideboard, rather than carried.

It has the novelty inherent in its shape, but just as importantly it is quite easy to make.

What You Will Need

  • Novelty Container
  • Two or three stems of mini cymbidium orchids
  • Three roses

    The flowers that we are using in this container are one of my favorites.

    These are mini cymbidium orchids. The mini version of a cymbidium orchid looks very much like the regular cymbidium. The major difference is size. These are small flowers. Generally we buy these flowers with multiple florets on a stem. They come in a variety of colors. I find that the green or yellow green is quite striking. It is also a good keeping flower.

    To make this design is quite easy. In fact, it is one of those designs that can be made in just a few minutes time!

    Simply take two or three stems of mini cymbidium orchids and cut them into smaller sections.

    Fill the container about several inches with water. Add the sections of mini cymbidiums starting at the left and gradually working towards the right.

    The overall shape is a gentle fan shape, slightly assymetrical, to provide a little more interest.

    We could stop at this point and have a very nice little design.... BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!!!

    Let's add three red roses.

    The use of three adds another touch of assymetry and visual interest to the composition.

    The contrast of red to the yellow-green mini cymbidium gives a little more pizzazz to the design.

    The overall look is small but prestigious, and yet very easy to achieve.

    This kind of design would work well for a wide range of uses: It is a good one for a small apartment or condo. It could be used as a design in a hospital. It is a great idea for a gift for Mothers' Day. It would also be a nice design to personalize a small workstation.

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