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The digital resources at Rittners Floral School are vast and pretty amazing.

We maintain a library of any and all digital epublications that we can find online, relating to floral art and floral related subjects which over time is going to complement our print resources..

More importantly, we are constantly producing images in house. Our digital resources now include over 175,000 images maintained and organized digitally in a data base. And we are constantly adding to this incredible resource. These are resources that are quietly used in the background as we develop web based resources, albums online and epublications.

They are also used by our staff to constantly develop our in house teaching resources, such as slides to illustrate points that we make in class, and as visuals that we use in teaching and as source materials for our constantly increasing collection of powerpoint presentations.

We have pioneered in the use of video in teaching floral art, and have added video to our mixture of presentation techniques.

Live floral demonstrations and live teaching makes up the major mode of presentation that we use in our everyday teaching. We will never eliminate the live aspect for we enjoy the interactivity of live presentation--the give and take of questioning and answers, and the actual presence of floral product.

Still the use of educational media adds a very 21st Century component to our presentations, and allows us to provide superior kinds of presentations to students who attend classes at our school. This constant effort to develop new resources and this willingness to reinvest in our school is one of the aspects that makes our floral school unique. Coupled with our professional teaching, these are the kinds of resources that really differentiate us and make our school extra special.

They benefit you when you attend diploma programs at Rittners Floral School.



Here are some neat resources that you may want to check (even before you arrive at our school). We have listed for your convenience a few digital resources...

For your fun and enjoyment, down below is a link to three major kinds digital resources. It forms a small sampling of our digital capacities:

  • Free Epublications produced in-house
  • Over 5000 photographs of floral art that we have posted online
  • Over 100 floral art videos that we have placed online....
  • Please click here for a sampler of some of our digital resources!



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