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Topiary Tree #13 & #14

Topiary 13 actually consists of two topiaries, each presenting some interesting aspects.

The topiary on the left has a predominance of white in it. Some pink carnations and button poms are featured along with purple statice. However the overall effect is influenced by a large splash of white. The flowers are handled a little differently here as well. Notice that they are clustered, in effect clumped together.....In many of the earlier examples there were more spaces between individual flowers. Here they tend to blend in to each other, and blend in with each other. The statice is placed a little higher adding to this interesting terrain.

The topiary on the right also has rather interesting features as well. Notice that in this topiary the flowers have been placed in very very specific regions. In other words, there is a section that is stylized with all red miniature carnations, a section of all yellow button poms, a section of all statice, etc. This is what most American Floral Designers would refer to as European use of color. The stems of the flowers have been cut short and planted in at the base of the design. The overall effect is a rather unusual, contemporary one.

Here's a comparison of topiary thirteen and fourteen and topiary nine:

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