Floral Designing is Cool


The Feel Good Profession

We believe that floral designing is a pretty cool field.

We call it the "feel good profession!"

Think about it. Just about everytime you see flowers being delivered, the folks who receive them feel happy or at least better than they did before! Flowers bring a smile to one's face. They make us feel better. Even in times of sorrow, floral products help people feel better than they otherwise would.

Flowers help make people feel good.

They help create a mood, a setting, an atmosphere.....

Floral designers help folks feel good with their products and design skills, and in the process they feel good too. Isn't that a wonderful way to earn a living?

It's nice to be in a field where your efforts are admired and enjoyed!

That is truly cool.

It's Cool To Enjoy What You Do!

Everyone knows that flowers make most folks feel better.

But we have found that even the process of making floral designs can be very satisfying to many people. It's pleasant and fun to be involved in an art form. We create beautiful thngs. Best of all we do it not with paint, or clay or metal, but with the natural beauty of flowers--living media. That makes our media unique and challenging.

Floral design is a very practical art form. People use and appreciate floral products and services for romance, for holidays throughout the year, and for important life cycle events such as marriage, graduations and even sympathy.

The process of creation is enjoyable and pleasant. And there can be great gratification knowing that people appreciate your designing efforts that makes their lives better.

But there is but another aspect as well.

You spend an enormous part of your life in your work environment.

We often have students attending our school, from other fields, who take our programs for quality of life issues. It is not unusual for some of our students to come from other fields such as education, high tech, finance, health care, social work and even the legal field.

Some want a little rest and relaxation after a very stressful day. Many take our course with the idea of a practical alternative career where they may enjoy both the work environment and creating beautiful things to make people happy.

It's cool to enjoy what you do!

Requires Skill.......and Knowledge

Because of the natural beauty of flowers, some people don't realize the amount of skill and effort it really takes to design flowers effectively. It is naive to think that just opening a floral business with no prior background is the way to go. You really do need training.

All of the various elements of other art forms, such as line, scale, composition and color are involved in creating floral art.The floral artist must have or develop a good sense of visual perception. (Yes. It can be taught!) The floral designer must also learn various techniques to get the flowers to do what s/he wants them to do, and to be able to translate his/her artistic vision into practical reality.

In addition there is a large body of knowledge---very specific designs used for various purposes, that needs to be mastered.

As you have probably noticed in some of the other comments elsewhere on our site, we feel that contemporary floral art is quite varied in its approaches and styles.

These factors combine to make floral art a field that constantly challenges.

In our opinion that kind of stimulation is rarely boring.

This kind of variety and intellectual challenge is really cool.


Differing Ways To Apply Floral Skills....

There are many really cool professional avenues for the floral artist to explore.

  • Floral designers supervise decorations for parties, weddings & other festive occasions
  • They may be involved in fields such as interior design where they play an important role in setting an atmosphere.
  • Some floral artists work in supermarkets as designers, floral buyers & as managers.
  • Many floral designers demonstrate & lecture before clubs & groups.
  • Some become involved in allied fields such as window display, catering, etc.
  • Others get involved in floral wholesale operations.
  • Still others work for manufacturers and /or importers.
  • Some designers run their own retail stores.
  • Others design by appointment in alternative type operations such as "home based" or "by appointment" businesses.


The Floral Entrepreneur....

Many people love to be able to run their own business

Running ones own business can be both challenging and yet, quite fulfilling.

Because it is one's own business there is more incentive. But again, that incentive has a lot to do with both quality of life issues as well as with economics.

It's great to be able to decide what kind of flower business one wants to run, what niche one wants to fill, what kind of styles or kinds of designing and even what customers one wants to encourage.

Because it is your own business, you can create the kind of atmosphere that you truly enjoy spending time in. Many folks love this quality of life aspect to running their own floral operation.

The individuality and vision that you can bring to your own business is really remarkable.

It is a different level and kind of creativity.

The business vision that allows you to do your own thing in your own way can be quite gratifying--in addition to the creativity involved with creating floral art.

We often see folks entering our school from totally different industries and professions who really seek the floral field because of quality of life concerns....

The Floral Entrepreneur: A whole new level of coolness in being a floral designer!


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