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How To Make A Two Minute Vase Arrangement III

"A two minute vase arrangement?" you ask..."What's that?"

Very simply this.....

There are times when a retail florist has to be able to stylize floral art very quickly. The problem......A number of customers are waiting while a designer can't keep up with the demand.

Or a customer comes in and needs something almost yesterday!!

So you find that the ability to be able to make something attractive, yet quickly, can really be quite useful....

That's why we call this unit "How to make a two minute vase arrangement...." because you'll find that you'll be able to stylize a really showy design very, very quickly!!!

What You Will Need

  • Two containers
  • Foam
  • Spike flowers
  • Sweet william
  • Liatris
  • Roses
  • Moss

  • Although this design is one that we can quite literally throw together in a couple of minutes, we want it to still be visually appealing and impressive....

    One way to do that is to create height in this design right from the start....To do this we'll make our design container a whole lot bigger then it was originally.

    Simply turn the container upside down and glue a second container to the first. Glue a little ribbon to the intersection of the two containers....

    Place your spiked flowers as shown in the photograph. Notice that we are going to start at the left side of the design and create very distinct sections as we move towards the right....

    After the section of spiked flower buds, let's add a section of sweet william......

    Either foliage or moss can cover our mechanics....In this case let's use some sheet moss......

    The design is rather short, so let's use this next section as an opportunity to add some height to the arrangement.

    To do this we'll use our liatris. Liatris or blazing star is a great flower. It is available throughout the year....It has the rather interesting ability to blossom from the top of the stem downwards.....

    Because of its tall, spikey appearance, liatris lends itself well to creating lines quickly and efficiently.....and you can see the difference that it makes in this design almost immediately!!!

    To complete this design, let's add a section of roses, as shown in the photograph.....

    Quick, easy and fun to do, this design is a great example of a "two minute vase arrangement..........."

    Some variations???

    Contents can be varied to come up with an enormous assortment of possibilities. Consider picking randomly one of each Numbers I, II, III, and IV below.

      I. For example spiked materials could include: gladiolus, miniature glads, larkspur, delphinium, forsythia branches, curly willow, ting ting, rib cycas leaves, pussy willow, eremurus, bells of ireland.

      II. In place of the sweet william consider substituting: Iris, sunflowers, daffodils, carnations, fujis, anthurium, gerbera, godetia, lilies, orchids.

      II. In place of the liatris consider substituting: heliconia, bird of paradise, river cane, roses, cremon pom, cyperus,equisetum, lycopodium, leptospermum.

      III. In place of the roses consider substituting: star of bethlehem,snapdragon, scabiosa, cymbidium orchids, allium, lilies, gerbera, carnations, pincushion protea, nerines

    Play with these combinations, and you have literally hundreds of designs from this one lesson!!!!!!!!!!

    We hope that you really enjoyed this brief floral design lesson. At Rittners Floral School in Boston we provide floral design instruction that includes a wide range of different styles and techniques. Please come and take one of our hands-on workshop programs!!

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