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How To Make A Gorgeous Pink Vase Arrangement

Once in a while you look at a vase arrangement, and think to yourself.........."Wow.....that is really neat!!!"

We hope that when you stylize this design for your friends and family, that you will get that kind of a reaction..........

There are three factors that contribute to the dynamic impact of this arrangement.

They are:

  • The color harmony.
  • The specific materials utilized in this design.
  • The way the materials are placed into this design.

This design is stylized in a monochromatic color harmony.......It is a one color, color harmony......The major hue here is pink......And it is represented in a variety of materials with shading that runs from subtle to very bold......But that does not tell the whole story of this design....

Our selection of materials, is a very rich one........Lilies, roses and larkspur all blend together to provide a design that says, "affluent, out of the ordinary, outstanding."

Placement of the materials in this design is critical....It is a disciplined design, but doesn't at all feel rigid. The overall result is a very spectacular, open and airy design, one that exudes grace, dignity and a very natural kind of feeling......

What You Will Need

  • Two containers
  • 1 block of foam
  • Larkspur
  • Lilies
  • Roses
  • Statice
  • Ming fern

  • We start this design by constructing our container. The bases that we are working with are pink in color, so that they will blend nicely with the rest of our design......We have taken two containers, turned one upside down, and glued the second on top of the first.....This gives a rather interesting new shape......and a small ledge on the bottom as well as the top.

    We start the floral section of the design with our larkspur. Three large pieces are used to establish the height of this design....A large piece extends to the left, and another to the right.....Smaller fragments are used to fill in.

    The advantage of larkspur is that it gives a very open, airy natural look.

    Ming fern is used to cover our mechanics. The soft fluffy texture works well with the natural look we are trying to achieve.

    A smaller section of foam is anchored on to the bottom ledge. It is greened with ming fern. A few small florets and a bow made from cellophane like ribbon are placed into that foam.

    More larkspur is placed into the design as shown in the photograph.

    The largest concentration is around the left side of the design.

    A line of our lilies is placed through the center of the design.....Notice that they are placed, angled upwards, a little to the side, and downwards. This kind of placement is done deliberately to reinforce the feeling of natural flow.........

    The net result is a design that really is disciplined, yet has an "unarranged" casual sort of air to it.........

    To add value and prestige to this design, nothing can make a statement better than roses.

    Our handling of the roses, however, is in stark contrast to our placement of the larkspur and the lilies.....

    The roses are placed into a small tuzzy muzzy like mound, and are concentrated very tightly in a region, slightly to the right of the center of the design........

    One could argue that it is a bit out of character with the design.....But it is just that fact that attracts the viewer's attention and draws ones eye to the arrangement........

    We can create that contrast in style, and make it work, because the color of the roses blends in so well with the rest of the design.

    This design is pretty, but still has an unfinished look to it with several areas that seem empty..............

    So in this last step we add statice to the center and the front of the arrangement..

    The statice seems unimportant in itself, but it has the general effect of making this design feel like there's even more substance and value..............

    Make sure to cover your mechanics in the back of the design as well, (for there is a front and back to it) and you have a spectacular arrangement that is sure to be very well received......

    This design could be used for just about any occasion or event.......

    Some possibilities could include:

    • For Valentine's Day
    • For a special birthday
    • For anniversaries
    • In the entry hall of a building
    • For a lovely bedroom
    • As an unusual Christmas design
    • In a bay window

    We hope that you really enjoyed this brief floral design lesson. At Rittners Floral School in Boston we provide floral design instruction that includes a wide range of different styles and techniques. Please come and take one of our hands-on workshop programs!!

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