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Water Based Centerpiece-4

Water based designs are where its at!

These designs are quite the rage. They draw from techniques that intelligent floral designers have known from decades past.

Contemporary floral designers have been renewing some of these earlier techniques and are really enjoying the results.

They are fun. They are fast. They are easy to make. And they are showy!

People love looking at them!

You will love doing these. ENJOY!

What You Will Need

  • Glass ivy bowl
  • Montecasino
  • Statice
  • Iris
  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Poms


    We start with the ivy bowl. It is a cute little container just perfect for this kind of design.

    Create an infrastructure for this arrangement. .

    Start with the montecasino. Make a little mound shape cluster with the monte.
    Next add some statice to the mix. Statice is a great filler, and comes in a variety of colors. In this particular case we have chosen a red violet that complements the purple of the monte. The overall result is kind of moundy, and rather pretty in its own right. If we wanted to, we could stop right here and enjoy this informal little design.

    This design has a little for everyone. For the person who likes prestige flowers, we use lilies and roses. For the person who adores the cool natural beauty of iris, they are here as well. Carnations and poms, the stable workhorses of the floral field, help fill in.

    Start with your lilies. They are the largest flowers, and therefore easiest to place first. This design only requires several blossoms.

    Next let's place a few iris, making sure that we are putting them facing both to the front as well as back side of the design.

    A couple of carnations and roses fill in quite nicely.

    Finish your design with a few pom pons.

    Let's compare this design with the water based design dominated by iris. Notice that we chose to spread out the flowers a litte bit more in the iris dominated design. In contrast, the mixed flower design is a more compact and a bit more dense. We could go either route on these kinds of designs. It really comes down to "designer choice."

    LIke the earlier water based unit, this is a great all purpose design.

    I like it as a table centerpiece for it can be viewed on all sides.

    It is also quite appropriate as a Mothers' Day Gift.

    It would also work quite well for a special birthday, baby's shower, or office gift.

    We hope that you really enjoyed this brief floral design lesson. At Rittners Floral School in Boston we provide floral design instruction that includes a wide range of different styles and techniques. Folks attend Rittners Floral School, because not only are we very, very fine floral designers, but also because we are outstanding teachers!! Please come and take one of our hands-on workshop programs!!

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