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Funky Mound Variations-5, 6, & 7

In an earlier lesson we demonstrated how the change to binding wire on top of our arrangement from the use of flower jewelry and wire embellishments could give a different look to an arrangement.

In the last lesson we demonstrated another way of making a design feel very different...Namely by changing the choice of base or container.

Placing the same arrangement in a larger Revere Bowl, in a mint julep container and in a footed pedestal all created different looks for the same basic arrangement.

In this lesson, let's continue playing with the base, and see how this design can continue to change and evolve.

We think that you will find these variations, both instructive and interesting!!

Let's continue to change the base of this design.

If the mint julep container and footed pedestal base gave an interesting effect, let's continue to make our bases taller and taller!

Now our design is really much higher than table level, isn't it?

OK. If one is good, perhaps two is better.

Here, let's elevate it twice as high!!

Notice how the arrangement feels very different each time we change it!

Now let's go for a high tech look. Let's put our arrangement on top of an acrylic base!

Much more "frou-frou" isn't it?

I could see a series of these on several levels placed in the center of a table at a party or function, or perhaps a grouping of these used on a buffet table.

This gives our design a very expensive look.

And it all comes back to a simple change of container/base!

We hope that you really enjoyed this brief floral design lesson. At Rittners Floral School in Boston our instruction ranges from classical to cutting edge!!! Please come and take one of our hands-on workshop programs!!

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