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Flower Sex Page


Students at Rittners Floral School commonly tell us that one of the things they like about our school is that although they are learning an incredible amount here, our school doesn't feel like a "school" or an "institution" (shudder the thought!)

The spirit and camaraderie that develops in many of our classes is awesome.

The contacts and friendships students make at Rittners often last a lifetime!

In other words our students have a lot of fun!

So what's with this "Flower Sex Page" thing?

Well in one class we were teaching how to make "design curves." A design curve is when we take a foam based flower wreath, cut it in half, and decorate it with flowers. A designer can take a number of these curves and place them end to end, to create very long decorations that can be used on long banquet tables.

It is a party design. It is a very neat design.

Well, in one class our students were having such a good time that they started to play with their design curves, putting them together in new and interesting ways.....

(PS.... If you are underage or ultra-sensitive please don't read any further...And please if there are any little kids in the room, cover their eyes....)

(Also remove any and all small furry pets from the room!--It's for their safety and protection....)

What You Will Need

  • Foam wreaths
  • Carnations
  • Mini Sunflowers
  • Pompons
  • Pittosporum
  • Miniature Carnations
  • A sense of humor

    Foam curves were pieced together as follows:

    Next a couple of foam curves formed this letter:

    Two more foam curves are placed opposite each other to make an:

    and (drumroll).........VOILA:

    Well you guessed it. They ended up piecing these letters together on one table and this is what they ended up with---flower sex on the table!

    (I photographed their efforts and removed some of the background for the final pic!)

    Our students suggested that we put it on our web site. They said,
    "Sex sells on the internet"

    It is in this spirit of fun that we present it here!

    (You expected something different? Remember this is a G-rated, family floral school!)

    OK. Now you can let the small furry creatures back into the room.

    Rittners Floral School--A very neat place where our students not only learn a terrific amount of floral designing, but also have a great time in the process. Take one of our courses to get out and meet friends, relax and have some well deserved fun !

    We hope that you really enjoyed this brief floral design lesson. At Rittners Floral School in Boston we provide floral design instruction that includes a wide range of different styles and techniques. Folks attend Rittners Floral School, because not only are we very, very fine floral designers, but also because we are outstanding teachers!! Please come and take one of our hands-on workshop programs!!

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